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Manuel Maurer: “It was just a matter of time until we beat them.”

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Earlier today, Switzerland wrote history by defeating Sweden on an international stage for the first time ever. Manuel Maurer, who stood for 2 goals and an assist, was a driving force behind the victory. We asked him some questions.

First of all, massive congratulations! You defeated Sweden! Can you describe how that feels?
It’s a great feeling. We worked hard and did much to get to this point. I would say that we got closer step by step since Jansson took the lead over the Swiss national team.

Can you describe the game for me? How did it go personally?
I felt that the team and myself got into a flow really fast, with the first goal and the crowd in our back it was easy to play, everyone had energy and positive feelings for that game.

Is there anything different from past time that you feel made the difference?
We play with more self-esteem I think. We take our time to play our own floorball and control the game-speed

Both today and at the World Games finals you managed to get an early lead against Sweden. What is your team’s recipe for a good start of the match?
I think this depends from game to game. This time, with a goal after 36 seconds and a cheering crowd in the back, it’s easy to play. And we have the knowledge that we are as good as them, it was just a matter of time until we beat them.

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