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Malans’ coach says transfer Tim Braillard to Sweden is ‘absolutely impossible’

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Earlier this week, we wrote about transfer rumors surrounding Alligator Malan’s Tim Braillard and Köniz’ Manuel Maurer. It was reported that the two players visited Swedish SSL club, IBK Dalen. Now Tim Braillard’s coach Thomas Hitz came out with a statement.

It would be a serious blow for Alligator Malan if, after captain Claudio Laely, who moved to GC, they would lose another Swiss offensive player of international size. But that was exactly what seemed to be the case when the national player, together with Köniz player Manuel Maurer, was spotted by the newspaper “Västerbottens-Kuriren” when visiting the Nordic club of Sweden IBK Dalen. Dalen club manager Urban Karlsson, who has

Dalen’s club manager Urban Karlsson, who has in the past coached the Swiss national team, confirmed his interest in Braillard and Maurer in the Swedish regional newspaper. “Of course we are interested in the two, there is no doubt about that”, Karlsson stated.

However, for the time being, Alligator fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The transfer is “currently absolutely impossible,” Alligator-Malans-Sportchef Thomas Hitz says to südostschweiz. “Braillard has a contract, so he will certainly run this season for Alligator”, Hitz continued. The fact that Braillard, who last season has been awarded as the most valuable player of the NLA, will one day move to Sweden is considered likely. As a student of the HTW Chur, a trip to the motherland of floorball could easily be arranged for the 24-year-old. The center has already aroused long-term interest through its strong performance in the national league as well as during international tournaments.

Whether the comments mean the transfer is off completely, or whether they are an attempt to raise the stakes for negotiations, is hard to say. If it is decided the player(s) will move to Sweden, we might as well be looking towards a new record in terms of transfer costs. The last record was set by Kim Nilsson a year ago.

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