Swedish Superligan

LIVE: Will Storvreta reach the SSL Superfinal today?

Image: Per Wiklund

In a couple of hours, Storvreta and Mullsjö meet again in their sixth – and potentially last – playoff game!

The series has been fantastic so far. The gap between the teams has never been more than three goals and the minimum amount of goals scored has been thirteen! On average, these teams score 15,4 times per game. Storvreta is currently in a 3-2 lead, so today’s game might be decisive!

Game 1: Storvreta – Mullsjö 7-8 overtime [highlights]
Game 2: Mullsjö – Storvreta 8-9 [highlights]
Game 3: Storvreta – Mullsjö 10-7 [highlights]
Game 4: Mullsjö – Storvreta 7-6 overtime [highlights]
Game 5: Storvreta – Mullsjö 9-6 [highlights]

STREAM: Today’s game will start off at 16.00 (CET) and can be watched at SSLPlay. If needed, the last playoff game will be played on April 16th.

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