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LIST: The 10 best SSL transfers of this season

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In around 9 weeks, world’s best league will start the 2018/2019 season. Time to have a look at the 10 best transfers so far. Do you agree with the list? Let us know!

10. Kevin Björkström, Kalmarsund

Kevin Björkström has a lot of SSL experience playing for AIK  and the light-footed forward is known to be a productive sniper. He transferred to Karlstad in the 2016/2017 season and stayed with the team after relegation. However, SSL newcomer FBC Kalmarsund was quick to sign the forward to their team adding much-needed experience to their troop.

9. Simon Götz, Storvreta

Simon Götz is one of Sweden’s biggest talents. Only 21-years old, the defender made his SSL appearance with AIK in 2016/2017 and left the team after relegation after the 2017/2018 season. A great transfer by Storvreta, who solidify their future as some of their backs are not getting younger.

8. Erik Björk, Falun

A solid transfer from Falun who welcome home defensive giant Erik Björk. Known for his defensive as well as his offensive capabilities, the strongman will put more muscles to the bone of the already promising team.

Photo: Leif Jirebeck

7. Simon Palmén, Linköping

Perhaps a more unnoticed transfer. After leaving Falun to play for Örebro for the 2017/2018, the national team merited center will represent his third club in three years time. However, the technical and faster center is an excellent addition to strengthen Linköping’s second line. With Simon Palmén and Matej Jendrisak both playing Linköping, the club now owns two world-class centers.

Picture: Martin Flousek

6. Tim Braillard, Mullsjö

Tim Braillard is perhaps the most exciting transfer of the list. It’s always fun to see a foreign player enter the Swedish Super League. We’re terribly excited what this passing-genius can bring but we also realize that it often takes a while for players to adjust to the higher level the SSL demands. Hence #6.

5. Max Wahlgren, Linköping

If he had made one more assist or goal during the regular season, this Swedish sniper would have been top point scorer of the SSL 2017/2018. Instead, it was Storvreta’s Albin Sjögren to take home the prize. With Max Wahlgren, Linköping signed a true sniper, being able to find the net from almost any position.

4. Gustav Fritzell, Pixbo

Gustav Fritzell is another talented sniper joining the ranks of Pixbo. As it turned out, Pixbo took Linköping’s most productive player (Gustav Fritzell) while Linköping took Pixbo’s top point scorer (Max Wahlgren). Why is Gustav Fritzell one place higher? Fritzell has national team experience and is arguably a better pick for the future.

Photo: Anders Andersson

3. Adam Colling, Falun

We have entered the top 3 and we start with one of the most underrated players on the list. Adam Colling is one of Sweden’s best forward but he has never played for any other team than Karlstad. This team played two seasons in the SSL where the forward gathered an average of more than 2 points per game. Playing with a club as promising as Falun, we can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

Photo: Adam Troy

2. Rasmus Sundstedt, Storvreta

Rasmus Sundstedt will rejoin Storvreta after his trip to Switzerland. Apparently, the negotiations never took long and Storvreta will welcome back one of Sweden’s most versatile players equally skilled as a forward and a back.

1. Johan Samuelsson, Falun

Another Swede returns from Switzerland. This time it’s center Johan Samuelsson, Sweden’s national team captain, to play for one of Sweden’s best clubs. Together with Rasmus Sundstedt, this is by far the best signing of the season. Congratulations, Falun!

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