24 October 2019

List: 20 greatest transfers of this summer (Places 10-1)

Photo: IFF

In the long wait between the seasons, we’ve seen some truly exciting transfers in the floorball world. FloorballToday have listed the 20 best signings of the summer. Here’s part 2 which is place 10-1!

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10. Andreas Stefansson
AIK > Pixbo

Photo: Per Wiklund

Right from the very beginning of his SSL career a couple of years ago Andreas Stefansson has consistently been scoring goals. In his debut season 2016/17, he became the league’s 3rd best goal scorer with an incredible 50 goals in 32 games, and was to no surprise rewarded with ”rookie of the year”. Last season when AIK was struggling more, Stefansson still found the net 34 times, and will without a doubt be a key player for Pixbo who’ve been lacking offensive power at times last season.

9. Eero Kosonen
Växjö > SPV

Photo: Per Wiklund

It’s been little to no debate about whether Eero Kosonen has been the #1 goalkeeper in the world the last few years. The 32-year old has been a true giant in the net for both Finland and Växjö and played a big role in the team’s success when they made it to the playoff finals in 2017. But after 3 seasons in the SSL, Kosonen has now decided to move back to Finland and play for SPV.

8. Adam Colling
Karlstad > Falun

Photo: Anders Andersson

A player who’s been loyal to his hometown team for such a long time, following them up and down between SSL and Allsvenskan several times, despite being way too good of a player to be in the 2nd league, has finally made the club switch to the top. In the past 4 seasons, Colling has scored 70, 67, 48, and 66 points. Add that on top of the roster Falun already have and it’s impossible not to have them as a likely contender for the trophy.

7. Simon Palmén
Örebro > Linköping

Photo: Leif Jirebeck

After being in Falun at the top for some time, Simon Palmén made the move to his hometown and newcomers Örebro and got, as expected, a bigger role within the team than in Falun. But 1 season was enough, and Palmén has now made a ”middle ground” move: to a team not entirely as stacked as Falun, but still a team with much class. They’ll definitely be a contender for the trophy, but still have room for Palmén to be one of their star players.

6. Max Wahlgren
Pixbo > Linköping

Photo: Per Wiklund

Pixbo and Linköping made an interesting swap of their scoring machines this summer, and it’s hard to say who’s got the better of it. They’re both incredible players and will continue having a big role in their teams. Wahlgren, who’s been at many clubs throughout his career, has always delivered points, not least last season when he scored 69 in 32 games.

5. Gustav Fritzell
Linköping > Pixbo

Photo: Per Wiklund

On the other side of the scoring machine swap between Linköping and Pixbo, we find Gustav Fritzell who moves back to his hometown Gothenburg and Pixbo. The 1993-born forward had his breakthrough last season and produced 59 points in the regular season, 77 including playoffs. He’s not been producing like Wahlgren in the past, but is a couple of years younger and has experience on an international level, and could be an option for Sweden’s head coach Mikael Hill when they’re playing the WFC in December.

4. Miko Kailiala
EräViikingit > TPS

Photo: IFF

1993-born Miko Kailiala is a part of the generation of superstars in Finland who played a big role in the team’s success at the golden WFC 2016. In 2013, he left TPS for SalibandySeura Viikingit, the team that, in collaboration with Tapanilan Erä, went on to become EräViikingit in an attempt to create a new superpower in Finnish floorball. But after 2 failed attempts, Kailiala has decided to move back to the team he made his Salibandyliiga debut with. TPS, who finished at 5th place in the table last season, will definitely be a stronger team than in 2017/18.

3. Rasmus Sundstedt
Rychenberg > Storvreta

Photo: Raphael Studer (unihockey-fotos.ch)

After 2 years in Switzerland with HC Rychenberg, Rasmus Sundstedt was announced by Storvreta already in the middle of the semifinal series against Mullsjö. Those who’ve followed floorball don’t need a longer presentation of the 29-year old, who’s been a part of the Swedish national team since 2010. He’s just as useful on the defender position as he is as forward, which will come to handy for head coach Andreas Harnesk who has plenty of class defenders already in the roster.

2. Johan Samuelsson
Tigers Langnau > Falun

Photo: Per Wiklund

Announced as ”the biggest signing by Falun ever” (by themselves) is no one else than Sweden’s captain Johan Samuelsson, who’ll be back in the SSL after 2 years in the Swiss NLA at Unihockey Tigers Langnau. The 29-year old has had an excellent career so far, but is still searching for the SSL gold, which he’ll definitely have a shot at with Falun. Samuelsson is most known for his game sense and incredible passes, and considering how many skilled scorers they have in Falun, he’ll be a great addition to the team.

1. Nico Salo
Helsingborg > Classic

Photo: IFF

1 season in the Swedish Super League and Helsingborg was enough for 24-year Nico Salo. Despite interest from other SSL clubs, the speedy forward decided to return to SC Classic to continue their era in Finnish floorball. Salo has been one of the very best players from Finland, a was a big reason to why they won the World Championship gold medal in 2016.


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