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10 Players You Just Have To Watch Next Season: Places 10-6

We have almost come to the end of ‘silly season’ and we can slowly begin to see an outline of how next season is going to be. As Unihoc states: ‘This season will be EPIC’. And it will be if we just look at the thing what makes it most worthwhile: the players! But which ones should you keep an extra eye on? For all those who wonder we compiled a list of our top 10 players you cannot really miss out on. It’s a varied bunch, from old veterans, floorball superstars to Czech transfers. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed something and perhaps we’ll add it!

#10 Eemeli Salin

Eemeli Salin

We kick off with Eemeli Salin from the Finnish champions Classic. The man is a true powerhouse, a very all round player with a killing shot and specialized in tunneling Martin Östholm (spoiler: he is in this top 10 too). It’s safe to say that he had a big role in the regular season as well as the play-offs. With just 26 years on his clock he is in his ‘golden years’ and we hope next season will be as good as the last one. We will be close when that happens and so should you.

#9 Alexander Rudd

Alexander Rudd

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Alexander Rudd somewhere. There seems to be always something going around with this passing genius, whether it’s a transfer scandal that made him miss the finals a year ago or something more mundane as a thorough injury. Anyway, even watching a game in which he performs badly is more than worth your time so we’ll be there when he takes his first face off this season and his last – in the finals?

#8 Petri Hakonen

Petri Hakonen

A player not so many have heard about fits the number 8 spot in this list. His name: Petri Hakonen and his profession: taking dragshots from over 200km/h. He would have probably missed the list if not for an interesting transfer: he will be moving from SPV to Helsingborg. It’s a great addition to the many, many Fins that already play there. Will he be able to carry Helsingborg to the top of the SSL? We will see it in the next year.

#7 Rasmus Sundstedt

Rasmus Sundstedt

Having Rasmus Sundstedt in your team must be the dream of every coach. He can play on (almost) every position, is a threat already around his own goal, at the middle line as well as in the slot. To top it off: he rarely has a bad day. After bringing the Gold medal to Uppsala he left Storvreta for an adventure in Switzerland. Rychenberg probably added arguably the best all-round player in the world so it will be very interesting how far Rasmus can take them. NLA beware: Rasmus is here!

#6 Mika Kohonen

Kohonen, Mika

King Kohonen is back in Sweden. After a disappointing year in Finland he is back in Sweden to play for Helsingborg. Even though he is reaching 40 years old the best player of all time does not want to stop stating he wouldn’t be satisfied with a job on the side. Can the legend pull a joker from his sleeve one last time? Will this season become the ultimate fairy tale or will the legend’s career end in a diminuendo? Certainly, he is still one of world’s greatest penalty takers and that already is reason enough.

 Is there a player that surprises you on this list? Something else to say? Let us know by writing a comment! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to read part 2.

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