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Linköping 4 – 5 Mullsjö Q4: Closest rounds of quarterfinals is running towards an end

Photo: Per Wiklund

Yet another quarterfinal has been settled with an odd goal and Mullsjö are victors for the third consecutive game meaning Linköping has to win three games in a row in order to tangent last years achievements, i.e, playing the Super League Final. 

A game we’ve seen before untangled the most likely outcome of this insanely close round of quarter finals after an entertaining and heated game. A red card, a five minute send off and a goalless five minutes powerplay was a mere appetiser for the home crowd of vuvuzelas who had completely forgotten that the world decided in unison to never use them again after the World Cup in Football 2010.

Kasper Hedlund, through karma or simply a greater will to win, started the second period with an opening pass through the centre of Linköping’s defence, sharp enough to cut through diamonds which David Gillek honoured with the dignity it deserved by scoring the first goal of the game. It was clear who wanted to win this the most, despite Linköping’s constant effort to come back. A tennis game of chances both way didn’t necessarily make them justice which Mullsjö’s rock Lövdahl made sure of. Linköping’s chances to equalise were made even slimmer as Isaac Rosén, a product of Pixbo who’s been proven to be a key player in the playoffs, scored 0-2.

Mullsjö’s 18 year old Wiklund increased their lead to 0-3 less than three minutes into the third period and Linköping didn’t want to be any worse and replied accordingly after, what we can only assume, a decent yelling in between periods. Jendrisak, who deserves a grand eulogy after his hard work, scored Linköping’s first goal of the afternoon in a wrestling-like manner in front of the goal. A slightly shook Mullsjö saw the less renowned goalscorer Ström get his Linköping even closer after a graceful run from the boards towards the middle finished off with a precise dragshot. Linköping grew in confidence and kept testing Mullsjö’s defence. However promising Rosén rained on that parade after an efficient counterattack and despite Linköping’s 18 year old Hovlund’s two goals, Mullsjö still hat tricked in wins with 4-5 on the boards.

Mullsjö’s in a comfortable position where they only need to win one more game out of three in order to qualify for semifinals against Växjö whereas Linköping has to win all of those three games. Both Falun and Storvreta have the chance to qualify for semifinals tomorrow and if they both win their games we’ll have a rerun of last years semifinal between the two giants.

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