WFC 2018

Latvia takes revenge on Slovakia – Sweden next in quarterfinals

Photo: IFF

In the first game of day 5 at the WFC 2018, Latvia defeated Slovakia 6-1, and will, therefore, move on to play Sweden in the quarterfinal on Friday.

Despite defeating the Czechs in the group stage, Latvia finished at 4th place in their group. Their opponent for a spot in the quarterfinals ended up being Group D winner Slovakia, who plowed through their group with a stunning 45-6 goal difference.

Slovakia took the lead already after 2 minutes through Lukas Mraz, but didn’t score a single goal after that. Instead, Latvia took control of the game with 6 straight goals, 2 of which from Edzus Cerins’ stick.

The teams played each other for the 9th spot in the 2016 WFC, which was held in front of a Latvian home crowd. That time the Slovakians just about won the game 6-5 after a deciding goal by Michal Dudovic, who after a strong group stage with 16 points in 3 games was quiet on the pitch today.

(Goal, Time, Scorer, Assistant, Team)

0 – 102.226. Lukas Mraz8. Martin KubovicSVK
1 – 108.146. Edzus Cerins21. Artis RaitumsLAT
2 – 112.5016. Klavs Jansons10. Atis BlindsLAT
3 – 144.036. Edzus Cerins8. Janis RajeckisLAT
3 – 1 mps.48.084. Michal Dudovicno assistantSVK
4 – 154.1816. Klavs Jansonsno assistantLAT
5 – 1 en.57.5222. Peteris Trekse23. Andris RajeckisLAT
6 – 1 en.59.4588. Rolands Kovalevskis21. Artis RaitumsLAT

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