WFC 2018

Late goal Thailand leaves Singapore in tears after tight game: 3-4

Image: IFF

The close game between Thailand and Singapore was a nail-biting one. At 54.01, Pawat Thaidit scored the winning goal.

Before the game started, it was clear for most people that Singapore had the biggest chance of reaching the ranking game for 13th place. However, during the game it became clearer and clearer Singapore was going to have a hard time. The team did score the opening goal when Gary Wong scored, assisted by Hafiz Zubir, but in the second peroid, Thailand struck back.

The game was already more than halfway when Singapore again took the lead: 2-1 through Akmal Shaharudin. At that time, however, Thai goalkeeper Kevin Hoglenius had less to do than his Singaporean competitor Jay Pal Sidhu: a bad sign for Singapore. A look at the statistics after the game gives us the following information: Singapore had 21 goalkeeper saves, Thailand only 13. Based on this and on what we saw during the game, Thailand became stronger and quickly scored another equalizing goal (2-2). This time, they didn’t hesitate and took the lead right before the end of the second period through a goal from Aphichet Ratanaprathum.

The final period was a nail-biting one, as Singapore had to fight its way back. The equalizer was scored at 50.58, but when Singapore lost the ball minutes after, Alexander Rinefalk managed to outplay two opponents and gave Pawat Thaidit an easy-scoring opportunity – which he monetized: 3-4! Singapore took out goalkeeper Sidhu, but as no more goals were scored, Thailand could celebrate their first victory at this tournament.

Tomorrow, Thailand meets the winner of Poland – Japan in the fight for 13th place. Singapore meets the loser of that game in the ranking match for 15th place.

Goals in time order:

1 – 009.055. Gary Wong92. Hafiz ZubirSGP M
1 – 121.146. Tnakit Kayairit41. Chusak NarkprasertTHA M
2 – 132.142. Akmal Shaharudin7. Syazni RamleeSGP M
2 – 238.076. Tnakit Kayairit13. Jimmy HolmstromTHA M
2 – 339.5279. Aphichet Ratanaprathum10. Prakasit NamsawangTHA M
3 – 350.587. Syazni Ramlee4. Hamka ShahSGP M
3 – 454.0119. Pawat Thaidit11. Alexander RinefalkTHA M


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