Krister Savonen: “The club wants success, that’s what I want too.”

This morning it was announced Krister Savonen will move to Wiler-Ersigen next season. Here’s an interview with world’s best defender:

You will be playing abroad for the first time in your career. How did that happen?
During this season I felt it was time to look for a new challenge. In the meantime, I have won everything with Classic which you can win and also with the Finnish national team (Editor’s note: with Classic he won four championship titles in succession, the Champions Cup and the Finnish Cup, plus two world titles with Finland).

Almost every team in the Swedish Superliga would have liked to have you in their team, but you picked Switzerland. Why?
I talked a lot with my Finnish friends who have been playing abroad and raved about Switzerland, this wonderful country. And the fact that I meet two national teammates, Väänänen and Pylsy, made the decision easier.

What can you say to Wiler-Ersigen?
Eleven Swiss championship titles, that speaks for itself. The club wants success, that’s what I want too.

You will meet Matthias Hofbauer, who has just announced to extend his career by one year. What is your opinion about him?
I think it’s great that Matthias continues, he is a legend. I am pleased to be able to play with him.

Savonen during the playoffs (Photo:

Can you improve yourself at Wiler-Ersigen?
(laughing): Yes, sure, currently I am the second best player in the world, I want to be the best… Seriously: Of course, this election was a great honor for me. As a player, you can and must always improve, because the others want to get better too. A new club, a new system, new opponents, there is a lot of potential to become a better player.

How would you describe yourself as a player?
I am a fighter, but also good with the ball. I think I know quite well, what I have to do in the game with or without the ball.

When is your move to Switzerland planned?
That’s not decided yet. I’ll cure my injury and have some things to fix here. First and foremost, we want to celebrate the title with Classic. I wish Wiler all the best for the Super Final. Let’s go guys, get this gold!

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