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Kotilainen soap continues: “The Kalmarsund saga apparently continues, so here is my last word”

Photo: Jari Turunen

It has the tragedy of a Hollywood movie but not the happy end. At the end of the season, FBC Kalmarsund and Finnish superstar Peter Kotilainen were in the final stages of negotiation when the transfer train went off the rails. Now Peter Kotilainen made a statement on Instagram.

The short version of the story reads as follows. Peter Kotilainen left Happee to play abroad to settle (most likely) in the Swedish SSL or Swiss NLA. Negotiations began with SSL newcomer Kalmarsund (who already contracts Kim Nilsson). According to sources Kotilainen and his agent Huttunen agreed on a deal with Kalmarsund but afterwards, Kalmarsund restarted the negotiations with a new deal but, this time, far worse, while Kalmarsund stated the language barrier was the biggest problem.

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But it didn’t end here. Peter Kotilainen made the following statement on Instagram. ‘Viberg’, who Peter Kotilainen refers to is Per Viberg, FBC Kalmarsunds’s club chef:

The Kalmarsund saga apparently continues, so here is my last word. Viberg of Kalmarsund gives a comment where he claims they pulled back the contract offer because of my lacking language skills. After all, they still would have been ready take me as a part of the team for a few thousand cheaper. I don’t know how this sounds to others, but at least to me, it sounds pretty funny to pull back their own offer and start arguing to the media I’m not speaking enough languages. But if you could come a few thousand cheaper, we would be happy to have you! Also, with Nilsson, we made it clear right from the beginning that I’m not a master of languages but it doesn’t matter and he hopes that we get things sorted out with Viberg so we get to score some goals. Lastly, I want to say that I only speak Finnish and necessarily not even that very good but I’m proud of it.

We have reached out to FBC Kalmarsund for a response to Kotilainen’s statement. A new article will be published if they wish to make one.

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