Champions Cup

Köniz wins the bronze medal game against Mlada Boleslav!

Photo: IFF Flickr

Bronze game between a team from Switzerland and a team from Czech Republic like so many times before on both international and club level. Köniz won the game with 9-2 after hattricks from Jan Zaugg and Julian Alder.

It was Köniz that started the best when they scored on the first shot of the match. Julian Alder made it 1-0 with a onetimer after only 41 seconds. Both teams created some chances during the first five minutes. 6.52 into the game Milan Tomasik made it 1-1. The Köniz star Jan Zaugg then showed what a great player he is. First he found the left top corner behind Lukás Bauer in the Mlada net and not long after he found the right top corner to make it 3-1 for Köniz. With only 27 second left of the first period Köniz made it 4-1.

Mlada started the second period  good and scored 4-2 two minutes into the period. After five minutes Köniz got the chance to play in powerplay. Köniz made it 5-2 in the powerplay after a bouncing ball hit the foot of unlucky Mlada defender Petr Krzyzanek. After that Köniz got another opportunity in powerplay. They managed to score again to make it 6-2. Fabian Michel took care of the rebound on the shot from Jan Zaugg. In the end of the period Mlada got the chance to make it more even when Michel got a two min penalty. Mlada were not able to score in their 5 against 4 play and instead it was Köniz that made it 7-2 with 42 second left of the period. The goal was scored by Julian Alder.

The third period started a bit slower then the two first periods. No goals were scored during the first ten minutes of the third period. 12.22 into the third Julian Aldler made a hattrick when he found the farside top corner behind Petr Musil that got subbed on before the third period instead of Lukás Bauer that started in net for Mlada Boleslav.  With four minutes left Mlada took a timeout and pulled their keeper in a last attempt to do a comeback. Instead it was Köniz that scored in the open net by Jan Zaugg that made his third goal to make the final score of the game 9-2.

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