7 December 2019
Swiss National League A

Kloten-Dietlikon Jets Swiss champions, beat piranha chur in overtime

kloten-dietlikon jets (Claudio Schwarz, unihockey-fotos.ch)

The Swiss women’s final between piranha chur and Kloten-Dietlikon Jets granted the Jets gold. In overtime, Julia Suter scored 4-5.

51 points is what piranha chur collected in total during the competition, six more than runner-up Kloten-Dietlikon. The difference wasn’t shown in the first minutes of the game: Michelle Wiki set the Jets in a 0-1 lead within minutes. However, Chur struck back in the first minutes of the second period.

Corin Rüttimann equalized in the first minute of the second period, and minutes later, Sereina Buchli put the piranhas into the lead: 2-1. Halfway the game, Flurina Marti even scored 3-1.

In the final period, Kloten-Dietlikon Jets knew it had to increase its game – but it was piranha’s Katrin Zwinggi who scored (4-1). Michelle Wiki put her team back into the race with a fine shot. The Jets found their fire again and ever scored 4-3: Natalie Martinakova ran up behind the goal and passed the ball to Isabelle Gerig, who scored. Unfortunately, Martinakova injured herself while jumping over the boarding.

Three minutes before the game was over, the Jets completed their comeback when Elsa Frisk scored 4-4 from a pass from Wiki (her third point this game). This meant the match went into overtime, in which the Jets received many big chances. However, the minutes ticked away without any more goals – until 68:58. Julia Suter managed to get the ball behind chur’s goalkeeper Jill Münger: 4-5. This gave the Jets the gold, while piranha chur had to settle with silver. The fact that Suter had her foot into the goalkeeper area wasn’t seen by the referees.

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