WFC 2016

King of comebacks Estonia finally gets beaten: 4-5 vs. Germany

Image: IFF

In the battle for 7th place Estonia and Germany faced each other today. After a thrilling last period it was Germany who took 7th place: 4-5.

The first period had just started as Estonia took the lead already. It was Woiduma who found the net and put the score at 1-0. The few spectators – probably because of the early moment the game started – could cheer for Estonia once again at 14.08, when Lehiste double the lead. After that Germany scored their first one, lowering Estonia’s lead to just one goal: 2-1. Estonia didn’t panic and scored once more in p1 (18.57), so it seemed the score at rest would be 3-1 – but at 19.57 Germany scored the important 3-2!

Just like in p1 the second period also saw a very quick goal, but this time it were the Germans who scored: 3-3! Both teams had quite some chances. Germany had ball possession most of the time, but the Estonians had some dangerous counters. At 37.15 a German shot – which would’ve gone wide – was touched by an Estonian defender and got into the goal, giving Germany a 3-4 lead!

Estonia was the better team in the first minutes of the last period, but they found one problem on their way: Germany’s goalie Dietz. With some fantastic saves he kept his team going. At 50.15 Estonia received a 2-min penalty and Germany took profit: 3-5! Estonia, king of the comebacks, knew it still had time. 25 seconds after Germany’s goal the Estonians lowered the score to 4-5 already and thrilling final minutes followed. Estonia took their goalie out, but this time they ran out of luck. No further goals were made, so Germany finishes at 7th place, followed by Estonia at 8th.

Goals in time order:

1 – 000.3266. Andreas Woiduma8. Patrik KareliussonEST M
2 – 014.0824. Kristo Lehiste18. Mats TammeEST M
2 – 117.1111. Niklas Brokerno assistantGER M
3 – 118.579. Fredy Maaltno assistantEST M
3 – 219.5744. Matthias Siede10. Janos BrokerGER M
3 – 320.3744. Matthias Siede10. Janos BrokerGER M
3 – 437.1516. Ramon Ibold18. Maximillian FalkenbergerGER M
3 – 5 pp.51.559. Benjamin Borth18. Maximillian FalkenbergerGER M
4 – 552.2064. Kaspar Kallion21. Patrik MarkusEST M


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