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Johan Roos suspended after brutal tackle on Jimmie Pettersson

The Swedish Floorball Federation’s legal committee today announced their sentence for Växjö Vipers’ Johan Roos – 3 games.

In the final SSL round before the Euro Floorball Tour break Storvreta faced Växjö in a giants battle. The game was very heated and in the 2nd period Växjö’s Johan Roos handed out a big tackle on Jimmie Pettersson who couldn’t continue playing. After the situation Johan Roos was handed a red card and match penalty #3.

On the Swedish Floorball Federation’s website, the legal committee (JN) comments:

”JN initially notes that based on the gathered material in the case can’t prove that Johan Roos had the intention to hurt his opponent through his action”

”However JN believes that Johan Roos, in the emerging game situation, deliberately completes and strengthens a tackle on his opponent. Furthermore JN considers that Roos’ actions are characterized by such negligence that the opponent suffered significant pain and, consequently, had to stop playing the match. JN notes that Johan Roos uses such speed as he enters the game situation, that he carries the responsibility for the tackle that arises.”

Johan Roos will be suspended between 7-18th of November, meaning he’ll miss 3 games – against Falun, Örebro and and Dalen.

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