Jana Gams Austrian match winner in thriller against the USA

Image: Michael Peter/IFF

Austria and the USA made their game into a real floorball fight (in a positive way), and in the end, it was Austria who took the points. USA’s Selma Johansson helped her team in the lead, but Jana Gams equalized with her first goal. During the game, the USA took the lead again and again, but each time, Austria would equalize. When they scored 3-3 (assist Gams), the team took over and made it into 5-3 when again Gams scored twice. Johansson found the net once more, but it wasn’t enough: 5-4.

Goals in time order:

0 – 115.0557. Selma Johansson71. Saskia GereckeUSA WU19
1 – 119.483. Jana Gamsno assistantAUT WU19
1 – 220.2871. Saskia Gerecke20. Moa BjorkUSA WU19
2 – 221.462. Rebecca Kuzel18. Ana Maria JelicicAUT WU19
2 – 330.568. Sani Matinlassi17. Tabea Joy SchreinerUSA WU19
3 – 331.082. Rebecca Kuzel3. Jana GamsAUT WU19
4 – 3 pp.36.513. Jana Gamsno assistantAUT WU19
5 – 348.103. Jana Gams8. Michelle SteinerAUT WU19
5 – 457.1257. Selma Johansson20. Moa BjorkUSA WU19

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