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Interview with Johannes Wilhelmsson: 6th player ever to reach 80 points in the SSL

On Thursday, Höllviken’s Johannes Wilhelmsson became the 6th player ever to reach 80 points or more in the highest Swedish league (Swedish Super League/Elitserien).

When Höllviken beat Lindås yesterday with 12-8, Wilhelmsson produced 1 goal and 6 assists. That game was enough for him to break the 80 points barrier. The players that made it before “JW” are Mika Kohonen, Niklas Jihde, Martin Olofsson, Johan Anderson and Alexander Galante Carlström. Mika Kohonen has the record with his 107 points back in the 2000/01 when he played for Balrog.

“I am surrounded by great players which helps me so much.”

This is what Johannes Wilhelmsson had to say about his 80 point achievement.

It feels very good of course. I feel honored to be among the few players that has done more then 80 points during one season. The names of the players who made it before speak for itself. All of them are and used to be great floorball players, says Johannes Wilhelmsson to FloorballToday.

How come you made more points this season than ever before?

It’s hard to put my finger on why I performed so well this year. I feel that I am in a better physical shape than in previous seasons, maybe that helps me to get some extra points. Also I am surrounded by great players which helps me so much.

How important is it for you to make the most points in SSL this season?

In particular it´s not that important, it´s more of a big bonus and something very nice to achive if I would manage to be the winner of it all when the season ends.

It’s pretty impressive that so far Wilhelmsson has been involved in more than 50% of the goals that his team Höllviken scored. In 30 games Wilhelmsson has 30 goals and 52 assists. Höllviken has scored 162 goals in their 30 games played.

The question is: will Johannes Wilhelmsson be the top scorer next Saturday when the SSL ends? Höllviken faces Falun away and Dalen at home in their two remaining games of the season.Currently Wilhelmsson is being chased by Alexander Galante Carlström (75 pts) and last year’s winner Albin Sjögren (74 pts)

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