In Finland, floorball is now bigger than hockey

My Kippilä during the WFC2017 (Image: IFF)

Ice hockey is big in Finland – but floorball is now bigger. That is: when looking at the number of licensed players, according to Finnish news source Karjalainen.

The newspaper had a look at the number of licensed players in the biggest sports in Finland. Usually, the total amount of licensed players was taken into account – for hockey: more than 70.000, for floorball: almost 70.000 – but now, only the number of licensed players has been counted. When looking at the number of licensed players, it used to be done including non-playing athletes, like referees and coaches. Now Karjalainen has taken a look at the numbers of the players only.

As said, there are more than 70.000 licensed persons in hockey, but ‘only’ 62.000 of them are licensed players. In Finnish floorball, the number of licensed players is 4.000 higher: 66.000! The most popular sports in Finland are football (140.104) and golf (138.955), according to Paakallo.

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