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IFF’s first president András Czitrom has passed away

András Czitrom, the International Floorball Federation’s very first president, has passed away at the age of 65 after a sever illness.

Czitrom, born in Hungary, came to Sweden in 1965 where he first came in contact with floorball. Soon he’d start working towards the formation of a real Floorball Federation. He’s also been active in the Swedish federation, acting as both president (1983-1986) and secretary general between 1986-1990. In 2016 the Swedish Floorball Federation elected him to the Swedish Federation Hall of Fame.

In a press release, the IFF comments:

The IFF and the whole International Floorball Community were touched by the sorrowful news that Mr. András Czitrom, the first and former president of the IFF, passed away this Saturday at the age of 65 after a severe illness. Mr. Czitrom was born in Hungary and moved with his family to Sweden in 1965. He found the Floorball, working at a recreation centre and soon started working towards the formation of a real Floorball Federation.

Mr. Czitrom has played an important role in the creation and development of the sport of Floorball, which today is a globally spread and acknowledge sport. András has been a key person in the creation of the World’s first National Floorball Federation, the Swedish Floorball Federation and he has acted as the SIBF President in the years 1983-1986 and served as the secretary general of the Swedish Federation between 1986-1990 and during that time grew to a already big organisation. The Swedish Federation elected him to the Swedish Federation Hall of Fame in 2016.

As a part of the growth of Floorball in Sweden, the need for an International Floorball Federation occurred, in order to make it possible for the Swedish Federation to be recognized by the Swedish Sports Confederation. He also played a role when the Finnish Floorball Federation was formed. In 1986 András together with the national floorball federations represented by Mr. Pekka Mukkala, Finland and Mr. Christophe Soutter, Switzerland founded the IFF and András was elected as the first President of IFF. He served as the IFF President between 1986-1992.

During the leadership of Andràs, the embryo of the present structure of the IFF was created and the way laid forward to what have become a successful journey. Andràs has also after stepping down form the positions in the IFF, been very active supporting the development of the sport and a frequent visitor of the IFF Events. He played an elementary role in the founding of the Hungarian Floorball Federation in 1989.

When IFF held its 25th Anniversary celebrations in 2011, András was commemorated with the IFF Gold Service Award Nr. 1, for his valuable services to the IFF and the World of Floorball. 
The IFF and the whole Floorball Community will miss its founding president and remember his historical role in the development of the sport. We would also like to convey our warm and sincere condolences to András family in this truly sorrowful moment.


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