Swedish Superligan

IBF Falun signs 18-year old Allsvenskan talent just before the playoffs!

Photo: Per Wiklund

Reigning SSL champion IBF Falun has signed a license agreement with 18-year old talent Måns Höglin just weeks before the start of the SSL playoffs. Through the construction of a double-license, the player can play with his current Allsvenskan club Granlo BK as well as IBF Falun. 

IBF Falun and the Allsvenskan – the league below the SSL – Granlo BK have agreed to sign a double license for 18-year-old Måns Höglin. According to IBF Falun: ‘Måns is a big talent who now gets the chance to get to know IBF Falun the opportunity to try out games in Svenska Superligan.’ The double license applies for the rest of the season and both clubs have agreed that Måns will prioritize games in Granlo BK.

This year the player scored 33 points in 17 matches in the AllSvenskan and 44 points in just 13 matches in the Swedish junior Allsvenskan. To IBF Falun the player states: “I have been training with Falun and it is one of Sweden’s, if not the world’s best floorball club with really good players in all positions. I have received a good welcome from the club and see this as a great opportunity in my continued development.”

VIDEO: Falun’s new talent scores an incredible solo goal in the Swedish Allsvenskan!

Does this bring back memories from last season? That may very well be. It was around this time last year that Falun signed Omar Aldeeb, also with a double-license, a talent who now is one of Falun’s key players!

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