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How we’re working on FloorballToday 2.0 | FT Blog

Two weeks ago, we let you know FloorballToday would take its next step. One of the changes we’re making is that we want to give you more insight in what we work on, dream of and focus on.

But first things first! Please allow us to introduce ourselves 🙂 We are AJ and Daniel, we live in the Netherlands and started FloorballToday with one goal: to build a network of floorball news so every fan can stay up to date on what happens in the floorball world. This has been our passion from the start and will always be our driving force in what we do. One day, we hope to be bring you the news from all countries, no matter how big or small, 24/7 – but there’s still a lot of work to do!

It’s good to look over the horizon, but what does this mean for the shorter term? In the next months, we’ll be working on a dozen of things, launching a new website, increasing our (ads) revenue and starting with a new part on our site: premium content. These articles will be better, longer and more in-depth than our usual articles, so a must-read for all floorball fans. More information will follow later.

Our aim is to give a boost to our publication efforts, quality as well as quantity-wise, while also make the company future-proof financially. Next time, we’ll talk about the new website we’re working on. You, as our reader, are dear to us and we are thankful for all the positive messages we have received so far from the community! You deserve the best way of reading about floorball, and our new site will hopefully be satisfactory for all of you. Stay tuned!

Daniel & AJ

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, send us a message on Instagram – we always respond!

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