UPDATED: How to watch the SSL finals between Falun and Storvreta

On Saturday 28 April, the SSL finals will be played and this is you can watch them!

Update 27 April 13:25. We found a way to watch the stream through the Czech channel Nova Sport 2. It will cost you around 6 EUR (and perhaps VPN) but this should work from wherever in the world – credit card and PayPal.

The schedule is as follows:
Men finals: Storvreta – Falun at 15.15 CEST

How to watch:

  1. Go to https://voyo.nova.cz/predplatne
  2. Find the blue button that says ZISKEJTE PREDPLATNE and click on it (don’t try the 7-day trial because it won’t work with live streams)
  3. Fill in the details on the left (use Google Translate) and confirm the account in your inbox
  4. Go to https://voyo.nova.cz/predplatne and click again on the blue button.
  5. Choose your payment option and pay.
  6. The stream can be watched here
  7. If doesn’t work please make sure to enable Flash player in your browser and you have a a Czech IP as the stream is very likely geoblocked. In case of a geoblock, we recommend PureVPN (affiliated link which helps support our work).

The schedule is as follows:
Men finals: Storvreta – Falun at 15.15 CEST

We will watch the stream in a

The match will be broadcasted on two different Swedish platforms. The first service to stream the finals is Kanal 5 from dplay, the second is Eurosport.se. For the first you need a credit card (but it’s most likely free), for the other one you can also pay with PayPal.

‘Free’ option (credit card required) – Kanal 5
The Swedish Kanal 5 broadcasts both finals. The channel offers a free trial which you receive after you give you credit card details.

  1. Go to this link: https://www.dplay.se/kanaler/kanal5
  2. Click on ‘Se live’
  3. Click on ‘PREMIUM – TESTA GRATIS’
  4. Click on ’79 kr/ månad
  5. Fill in your details or register with Facebook (‘REGISTRERA MED FACEBOOK’)
  6. Fill in credit card details (you can cancel the subscription any time during the trial period of 14 days and not be charged a dime)
  7. Watch stream here: https://www.dplay.se/kanaler/kanal5

NOTE: there is a chance the stream will be geoblocked and not be available in your location in which case you will need a VPN to make the browser think you are from Sweden. For this we recommend PureVPN (affiliated link which helps support our work).

Alternative option – Eurosport.se (PayPal)
Eurosport also broadcasts the finals. For this we actually recommend that you enable a VPN on forehand. The reason we recommend this is because Eurosport offers different packages to different countries in the world and if you enter the (Swedish) website from your own country, you will most likely be offered the streaming package of your country which will not include floorball. Of course you can try without but make sure you purchase the Swedish package. Above that, access to the finals stream is likely geoblocked as well. So here’s what we recommend:

  1. Enable a VPN and set it to Sweden. We recommend PureVPN which we use ourselves too. You can skip this step, but it’s at your own risk.
  2. Visit Eurosport.se: https://www.eurosport.se/
  3. Click on ‘TITTA PÅ EUROSPORT’
  4. Click on ‘REGISTRERA DIG’
  5. Click on ‘Abonnera här’ under Månadspaket.
  6. Fill in personal details
  7. Click on the PayPal icon to pay and click on the button on the bottom on the page after agreeing to the service terms.
  8. The stream can most likely be found here at the time of the stream.

Want to watch the Swiss finals? The Swiss men’s finals are played right after the Swedish men’s finals! Here’s how to watch them for free.

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