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How strong are the foxes of Wallenstam exactly? | Playoff preview | SSL 18/19

Thanks to the string of wins against Växjö, Sirius and Kalmarsund, Pixbo Wallenstam made it to the play-off. This team is hugely popular in the world especially in Czech Republic as for Pixbo played the god of Zorro trick, floorball Ronaldinho – Peter Runnestig, who made this team and this whole sport popular.

 Biggest recent success was finishing first at the regular season in 2015/2016 but they haven’t made it past quarterfinals, as well in the seasons after that.

This team possesses two playing legends. One of them is Martin Östholm who is widely regarded as a floorball superstar and one of the best defenders in the league. Well known for his shooting power in drag-shots and slap-shots, his counter attacking play is still stuff of dreams. Another playing legend is Daniel Calebsson who is still going strong in SSL being 38 years old. With plenty of experiences in the bag he helps the team and teammates to improve. Jon Hedlund is a goalkeeper on which you can rely in every match and could be very important for the play-off matches. Before the season Pixbo managed to get two great players which are putting another dimension to the Foxes’ attacking play. Both are born in 1993 and have their age on their side. First comes Andreas Stefansson, an Icelandic player who last season played for the relegated AIK. This player is master of volley shots and a real tower on the pitch and scored 55 points this season. Second is Gustav Fritzell who came from Linköping and was immediately a huge asset to Pixbo as he confirms his great qualities with 56 points collected in the regular season.

This club could definitely surprise and make it through the quarterfinals as they boast a great squad with talented and experienced players. Playing as the underdog may very well suit the team and with no expectations a big uproar is definitely possible.

On 21 March the team will play their first quarterfinals game against Falun (18.30)

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