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How president Trump and FloorballToday fooled you

Dear readers,

Yesterday (April Fools’ Day…) we published an announcement about the World Floorball Championships 2022 and how the USA were going to be organizing country. However – it was FAKE. It was fake, very fake.

Some of you might have expected this already. But how did this joke come up?

It was a couple of weeks ago that we’ve contacted president Trump, asking for a brainstorming meeting – and he accepted. We spoke about the idea of telling people that the WFC 2022 would be brought to the USA. The Donald, as we could call him, instantly became thrilled and started calling his mediateam. “It’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be huge”, is what he kept saying.

And it was. We read about your enthusiasm and felt sorry for some of you. However, perhaps the IFF hears about your happiness and will keep it in mind for some of the following tournaments… You never know!

Of course all of this was a joke. Thanks for all your positive and happy reactions! In case you’ve missed yesterday’s video, check it out below:

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