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How one soapy floorball video went viral with more than 5 million view

Imagine you organize your own floorball tournament and upload a sleek highlights video. Next thing you know, your video goes viral and more than 5 million people worldwide have watched it. The dream of many but the reality to Alexander Backlund of the Håsjösåpan soap floorball tournament.

For those who haven’t watched the viral video yet. It has been shared by Facebook page Extreme and has currently over 5 million views.. and counting.

First, some background information. In 2010, the organizer Alexander Backlund got the idea from the university. In his introduction period, a couple of games were organized to bond the freshmen and soap floorball was one of the activities. Afterward, fueled by the excitement of this fun variant he decided to introduce the game to his friends in Håsjo. The tournament started just one year later, in 2011. Nowadays, there is room for 16 teams with 3 players each.

However, this year was a bit different from other years. After uploading the video to their Facebook page, he was contacted by Extreme, a popular Facebook page, who asked him if they could share the video. That’s when the story turns into a … soap opera.

Alexander: “Well, we uploaded the video on Facebook this year and we got like 10 000 views, Extreme contacted us and asked us if they could publish our video on their page. Then…it just exploded. I have been contacted by the local newspaper, Swedish floorball magazine and so on.”

It’s not every day that 5 million people watch your video, most of which have never heard of floorball before. “It’s fun, I’m not used to it. Hopefully much more people will know about floorball and soapy floorball after this. Many Americans have contacted me and asked about the sticks.”

Interested in this unique floorball tournament? Follow the Facebook event and like their Facebook page


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