Highlights from the first round of the Swedish Super League 2018 – Round 21

The first round of the Swedish Super League 2018 contained all the heat we were missing during the Christmas rush. A few surprises and a few expected wins, nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to any round but we can definitely feel that the playoffs are getting closer. Most interesting is by far Höllviken’s recovery after a few tough rounds in December where Mullsjö fell victim to their solid 11-8 win. The top 8 that will make it to playoffs is far from written in stone if Höllviken and Jönköping continue to close the gap. Falun and Storvreta have consecutively been dominating the top with Pixbo right behind them and they’re all sitting quite safely but it’s an interesting development that the lower half of the playoff teams are finally getting chased and especially since it’s partly by Höllviken who just managed to hang on to a silver lining last season.

Växjö 7 – 5 Jönköping
Falun 7 – 6 Storvreta (OT)
Örebro 7 – 2 Thorengruppen
AIK 2 – 3 Sirius (OT)
Höllviken 11 – 8 Mullsjö 
Pixbo 10 – 4 Helsingborg

1.IBF Falun1948
2.Storvreta IBK1942
3.Pixbo Wallenstam IBK1941
4.Linköping IBK1936
5.Växjö IBK1936
6.FC Helsingborg1930
7.Mullsjö AIS1929
8.IBK Dalen1925
9.Höllvikens IBF1923
10.Jönköpings IK1921
11.IK Sirius IBK1920
12.AIK IBF1919
13.IBF Örebro1919
14.Team Thorengruppen SK1910
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