WFC 2017

Here’s what to expect on Thursday: quarterfinals and more

Image: IFF

Sweden and the Czech Republic already made it to the semifinals and tomorrow, at Day 7, two more will join them. It’s the first day with only four games, instead of the ‘usual’ six ones. The first two games will be about final rankings as first Estonia and the USA will fight for 11th place, followed by a battle for 9th place between Denmark and Germany.

At 17.00 the first quarterfinal of the day will start off: Finland vs. home team Slovakia. It might be a hard battle for the Slovaks, but perhaps they might surprise. The last quarterfinal is the game between Switzerland and Norway. The winners of these quarterfinals meet each other in the semis, while the losers play for 5th-8th place.

All games
10.00 Estonia – USA (11th place)
13.00 Denmark – Germany (winner) (9th place)
17.00 Finland – Slovakia (quarterfinal)
20.00 Switzerland – Norway (quarterfinal)

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