20 November 2019
WFC 2017

Here’s what the second day of the WFC brought us

Day 2 of the World Floorball Championships is over and here’s what you’ve missed!

Norway beat Latvia in a very close game, while the battle between Singapore and Australia was even closer. In the last minute, Singapore could have taken the victory, but the points were shared. Switzerland showed no mercy for Poland, while Slovakia did the same to Estonia – thanks to Hudakova’s (4+5) outstanding performance. Finland had a tough time against Czech Republic, but three goals in the last period led them to a 5-1 victory.

All games
Norway – Latvia 3-2 [report / highlights]
Singapore – Australia 5-5 [report / highlights]
Switzerland – Poland 14-1 [report / highlights]
Finland – Czech Republic 5-1 [report / highlights]
Slovakia – Estonia 10-3 [report / highlights]
Japan – Denmark 3-11 [report / highlights]

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