Here is… Happee’s road to the Finnish Superfinal!

In two days, the most important Finnish game of the year will be played: the Superfinal between Classic and Happee. Here’s: how Happee made it to the final.

Happee started its season in a great way. The first opponent was last year’s losing finalist EräViikingit and Happee managed to beat them right away: 4-10. What followed were three more victories in a row, but immediately afterward, the team lost three matches in a row. In November, Happee met Classic for the first time, but it became a sad day as the team lost 2-10.

As the season continued, it was clear that there were many contenders for the top spots in the ranking – Nokian KrP, EräViikingit, TPS et cetera – and Happee was one of them. Classic, however, was way too strong for all its competitors, but more about that later. Happee continued winning, but had its bad moments too, as was shown in the 14-4 lost game against lowest team SalBa. With nineteen out of 26 games won (of which two in overtime), the team ended up at fourth place in the competition.

In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, Happee met fifth-ranked TPS. The score differences were small, but Happee took the lead through a 6-5 win. TPS equalized in game 2 (3-2), but again, Happee took the lead: 4-3 in overtime. After winning the fourth game with big numbers (3-9), the team only needed one more victory to make it to the semifinals. However, it became a tough match, which was won in the end: 7-6.

The semifinals gave a new opponent: Nokian KrP. The squad played a fantastic season thus far, ending up at second place in the ranking and beating SPV in the quarterfinals 4-1. Happee lost the first game 8-7, but showed an incredible performance during game #2: 9-0! Nokian KrP struck back and won the third game 5-2, but from now on, Happee was to win all of the remaining games: 8-7 in overtime, 3-9 and 4-1. Highlights of all these games can be found here.

As said, in two days the final will start off. The game starts 15.30 CET and can be watched here. However, you might need a VPN, for which we recommend PureVPN (starting at $2.87 per month).

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