WFCQ 2019

Group EUR4 intro – Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands

Slovakia at WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

Tomorrow, the WFC 2019 qualification tournaments for the European countries start off. In four articles, we’ll give you all you need to know. Here’s: group EUR4!

Teams (including World Ranking)
Latvia (5)
Slovakia (6)
Hungary (17)
Netherlands (18)

Match schedule
Thursday, January 31
18:00 Latvia – Hungary

Friday, February 1
18:00 Netherlands – Slovakia

Saturday, February 2
12:00 Netherlands – Latvia
18:00 Slovakia – Hungary

Sunday, February 3
15:00 Slovakia – Latvia
18:00 Hungary – Netherlands

It’s a small group, but very strong with Latvia and Slovakia in it. The Netherlands and Hungary might have been happy to avoid Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic or Switzerland, but becoming #1 or #2 in group EUR4 will still be a tough job for them. We expect Slovakia and Latvia to fight for the victory in this group, while the Netherlands and Hungary have their ‘final’ on Sunday. Becoming #3 in the group seems to be the best they can do, followed by the wait to see if it’s enough to become one of the two best numbers 3 out of four EUR groups (as they will qualify too).

All games will be streamed for free by the IFF YouTube channels.

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