WFCQ 2019

Group EUR3 intro – Czech Republic needs to beat these teams to qualify for the WFC

Photo: Ville Vuorinen

Tomorrow, the WFC 2019 qualification tournaments for the European countries start off. In four articles, we’ll give you all you need to know. Here’s: group EUR3!

Teams (including World Ranking)
Czech Republic (4)
Poland (7)
Estonia (16)
Italy (21)
Belgium (-)

Match schedule
Wednesday, January 30
15:00 Estonia – Czech Republic
18:00 Italy – Poland

Thursday, January 31
12:00 Belgium – Italy
18:00 Poland – Estonia

Friday, February 1
12:00 Italy – Estonia
15:00 Czech Republic – Belgium

Saturday, February 2
14:00 Czech Republic – Italy
17:00 Belgium – Poland

Sunday, February 3
11:00 Estonia – Belgium
17:00 Poland – Czech Republic

With floorball giant Czech Republic in this group, it’s easy enough to predict the winner. Poland will aim for the second spot, although beating the Czechs won’t be impossible. They shouldn’t focus too much on statistics, however, as in all previous official games, the Czech Republic always managed to beat Poland. It looks like Estonia and Italy only have a chance of reaching the WFC by becoming one of the two best numbers 3 of all four EUR groups, so these teams will probably focus on getting not too many goals against, and scoring as many as possible against each other.

All games will be streamed for free by the IFF YouTube channels. Written time is CET.

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