WFCQ 2019

Group EUR2 intro – WFCQ with Finland, Germany, Russia, Spain and Austria

Finland during the WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

Tomorrow, the WFC 2019 qualification tournaments for the European countries start off. In four articles, we’ll give you all you need to know. Here’s: group EUR2!

Teams (including World Ranking)
Finland (2)
Germany (8)
Russia (13)
Spain (23)
Austria (29)

Match schedule
Wednesday, January 30
15:00 Germany – Austria
18:00 Spain – Finland

Thursday, January 31
12:00 Russia – Spain
15:00 Finland – Germany

Friday, February 1
12:00 Spain – Germany
15:00 Austria – Russia

Saturday, February 2
09:00 Austria – Spain
15:00 Russia – Finland

Sunday, February 3
09:00 Germany – Russia
12:00 Finland – Austria

As in all EUR groups, #1 and #2 of this group will qualify directly for the WFC. Finland shouldn’t have any problems qualifying as the winner of Group 2. Germany will be putting everything on the game against the Russians, as they might become their biggest threat. Spain and Austria clearly are the weaker teams in this group, so scoring many goals against them (in order to have a bigger chance of becoming the best #3) is what Germany and Russia will have in mind.

The two best numbers 3 (out of four EUR groups) will qualify too. All games will be streamed for free by the IFF YouTube channels. Written time is CET.

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