WFCQ 2019

Group EUR1 intro – Women’s WFCQ (Europe) about to start

Sweden during the WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

Tomorrow, the WFC 2019 qualification tournaments for the European countries start off. In four articles, we’ll give you all you need to know. Here’s: group EUR1!

Teams (including World Ranking)
Sweden (1)
Norway (9)
Denmark (10)
France (27)

Match schedule
Wednesday, January 30
12:00 Sweden – France

Thursday, January 31
09:00 France – Denmark
15:00 Norway – Sweden

Friday, February 1
18:00 Sweden – Denmark

Saturday, February 2
11:00 Norway – France

Sunday, February 3
14:00 Denmark – Norway

#1 and #2 of this group will qualify directly for the WFC. In this case, it’s Sweden that most probably will win the group, while we expect to see France losing all of its games. In between, Denmark and Norway will fight for the second place. No wonder the battle between them is scheduled last, on Sunday, as if it were a final.

The two best numbers 3 (out of four EUR groups) will qualify too. All games will be streamed for free by the IFF YouTube channels. Written time is CET.

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