Gold medal candidate Finland group winner after easy win vs Estonia

Finland easily secured the number 1 position of group A by defeating Estonia in their last group stage match. Estonia fought bravely but could never pose a threat to the Finnish squad and have to play the eighth finals while Finland secures a spot in the quarter finals. The match ended 10-3 in favor of Finland.

After two tough battles against Switzerland (loss) and Germany (draw) the Estonians had to face another strong opponent. Like the previous two games the team gave everything they had but it just wasn’t enough. For the first ten minutes the team defended very well but a small crack appeared with Finland’s first goal by Manninen who was nicely assisted by Kotilainen.  The 2-0 happened in powerplay by Mika Moilanen and the match started to swing into Finland’s favor. When even the 3-0 fell it looked as Finland was going to have a very easy match but Estonia struck back scoring the 3-1 when Mats Tamme successfully put his penalty shot behind Finland’s goalkeeper Eero Kosonen. However, Finland retaliated shortly after with the 4-1 but Estonia showed resilience and made the 4-2.

The second period started with a powerplay for Finland but the team kept their goal clean. Estonia positioned themselves very small and blocked many shots which worked well. Finland adapted well and moved the ball out more often creating opportunities for the defenders. The 4-2 fell like this when Tatu Väänänen found a small opportunity for a shot and found the net. Finland even got ahead further and scored the 5-2 in a counter. The game stagnated for a while as Finland was searching for an opportunity to score.  Ironically, the next goal fell in one of Finland’s rare counters and was finished by Tero Tiitu. The 6-3 fell with a penalty shot by Tamme who rounded off beautifully, for the second time. Then the 7-3 fell in a counter by Kotilainen and the team did not wait long to make the 8-3 at which the period ended.

The third period was not very different from the rest of the match. Finland continued its attacks and saw to it that Estonia’s counters ended in nothing. The team scored a couple of times improving their score to 10-3  not giving away much to the Estonians who seemed worn out from their tough battle against Switzerland and their crazy comeback from yesterday’s match against Germany.

1 – 009.3781. Jami Manninen61. Peter KotilainenFIN M
2 – 0 pp.12.0111. Mika Moilanen61. Peter KotilainenFIN M
3 – 013.2011. Mika Moilanenno assistantFIN M
3 – 1 ps.13.2018. Mats Tammeno assistantEST M
3 – 217.0564. Kaspar Kallion2. Oskar SalmEST M
4 – 223.3721. Tatu Vaananen22. Jani KukkolaFIN M
5 – 224.3420. Nico Salo17. Janne LamminenFIN M
6 – 228.0150. Tero Tiitu27. Jonne JunkkarinenFIN M
6 – 3 ps.33.2018. Mats Tammeno assistantEST M
7 – 337.0261. Peter Kotilainen21. Tatu VaananenFIN M
8 – 345.5061. Peter Kotilainen30. Lauri StenforsFIN M
9 – 348.0750. Tero Tiitu8. Juha KivilehtoFIN M
10 – 354.0461. Peter Kotilainen19. Joonas PylsyFIN M


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