Goals, goals and even more goals during the Asia-Oceania Floorball Cup

Singapore and Thailand during WFC 2017 (Image: IFF)

Yesterday, the Asia-Oceania Floorball Cup for women started. Eight games have been played already, and one thing can be said for sure: most teams seem to focus more on offense than defense!

Yesterday, 76 goals were scored in four games – 19 per game. Malaysia beat the Philipines with 14-1 in the opening game of the cup, while Thailand only just increased this number when they beat India 15-1. The amount of goals kept rising as Singapore beat Indonesia 18-0, but most goals were scored in the battle between Japan and Iran: 27-0!

Today, 75 goals were scored. Iran tried its best, but still couldn’t find the net. This time, it was Thailand that gave the team a beating: 0-20. The Philipines and Japan played the first tight game of the cup. In the end, Japan won 3-7. Malaysia scored a lot in the 2-27 won game against Iran. The last game of the day was between India and Singapore and was won by the home team: 0-16.

More information about the tournament can be found here. Live streams are provided on the IFF channel.

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