Goalkeeper Special! Interview with the man behind Blindsave (Part 2)

Photo: International Floorball Federation

Our interview with Andis carried on in the quiet golden little corner we found in the O2 arena. Not literally golden but of value due to the uninterrupted time we got. There’s just an abundance of stories behind Blindsave and I seem to be a bottomless fanatic full of questions that it almost spiraled. Just almost, we still made it to Sweden – Switzerland, in a state that I can honestly just describe as inspired. 

Everything Andis has done is in line with what I’m aspiring to do so I naturally wanted to know more about the process of an idea to a physical product.

Andis – I used to work for a company that produced high quality microphones in Latvia which we sold to the United States. At the time I was travelling and selling these and I felt this courage telling me that I couldn’t fail if I tried and I had always thought about my own company so it felt like a good time. I had the ideas and it was about floorball and goalkeeping, it was everything I enjoyed!

Of course it was hard occasionally, people said ”there’s no space for new brands” and so on but I think I have this intuition, this knowledge and understanding of what goalkeepers need. I’ve met so many goalkeepers, from aspiring kids to the top goalkeepers of the world and my overall judgement is that I understand them, I have it in me.

My education wasn’t even in the lines of product design, I taught myself this but then again I think it comes back to my ability to understand goalkeepers which helps me create these products. Like the story about my prototype knee pads, I played on zero in that game and since then I’ve just felt this fanatically, that I must help other goalkeepers!

– Is that what sets you apart from other brands?

– I don’t think there’s anyone else out there who’s so committed to making as useful gear as possible for goalkeepers. For instance I won’t sponsor someone if they’re only in it for the money, I only work with people who really love it and find it useful. That’s how I define success, when we can turn ideas into real products and when goalkeepers find them helpful. I’m also pretty sure I’m the first guy who started an international goalie camp which I think works well in two ways, it’s a good product and we really care about goalkeepers. As a goalkeeper myself I’ve come up with a few slogans like ”Proud to be a goalie” and ”For goalies, by goalies” because we want our goalies to feel pride in their work. That’s our philosophy, we help them, educate them and we have great goalie stuff for them!

One of my ideas was to create this goalkeeper community. We’re people too but not everyone has a glimpse into the goalie life like I do so when hundreds of goalkeepers from all over the world come to our camp, that makes me feel like I’m doing it pretty well.

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