Swedish Superligan

Confident Pixbo defeats Helsingborg in front of huge Gothia Cup audience

Photo: Per Wiklund

Hundreds of young floorball players – all participating in the famous Gothia Cup – watched the goal eruption of the first period with no less than seven goals.  However, the game would calm down in the second period and only reignite near the end of the final period. When the dust settled, it was Pixbo that had managed to take and keep the lead. The home team secured a solid 10-4 win.

An impressive hattrick by Helsingborg’s forward Jonathan Nilsson in the first period was not enough to give Helsingborg the lead. The 3 points for Helsingborg were topped by Pixbo who scored no less than 4 times. With two goals by Max Wahlgren, and two by Martin Östholm, the score was 4-3 when the first period ended.

Both teams had a chance for powerplay at the start of the second period. First, it was Mika Kohonen who gave a powerplay to Pixbo. After two minutes, and no goals, it was Helsingborg’s turn when Jens Milesson committed a foul to stop a Helsingborg counter. This time, it didn’t take long. An accurate pass of Linus Nordgren to Daniel Sebek was enough for the equalizer. Pixbo’s answer did not wait for long and marked Max Wahlgren’s hattrick. Surprisingly, the game calmed down after these powerplays but another powerplay for Helsingborg near the end of the period had the potential of reigniting the game. This was indeed the case but it was only after the powerplay a goal fell… for Pixbo.

The game was pretty much open at the start of the final period and it would depend on the first goal what final period we could expect. An early powerplay for Helsingborg gave ample opportunity to the team but Pixbo managed to keep their goal clean. It took 13 minutes for the first goal to fall… and it was Pixbo’s! With a 7-4 score on the board, things started becoming increasingly bleak for Helsingborg. The nail in the coffin was hammered by Martin Östholm who dragged the ball all the way from his goal and finished with a cannonball to the right cross. But he didn’t stop there, just a minute later he personally signed for the 9-4 when he ran all the way to Helsingborg’s goal – this time finishing with the backhand. The last goal of the match was another goal for Pixbo – empty net.

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