13 December 2019
WFC 2017

Getting closer to the finals as semifinals will be played tomorrow (Preview)

Tomorrow, the semifinals will be played. Which teams will make it to the final of the World Floorball Championships?

Before the semis start, the first games of the day will be played in the hunt for 5th place. Slovakia is the big favorite, but the question is: how will they react after today’s loss against Finland? First, they’ll have to beat Norway and (if successful) then they play against the winner of Latvia – Poland. At 17.00 the semis start off with Finland meeting Switzerland. The last game of the day is Sweden against the Czech Republic. Sweden didn’t have any troubles at all this week – but will it start tomorrow?

All games
10.00 Latvia – Poland (5th-8th place)
13.00 Slovakia – Norway (5t-8th place)
17.00 Finland – Switzerland (semifinal)
20.10 Sweden – Czech Republic (semifinal)

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