Germany’s goalkeeper stopped 100 shots (and more goalkeeper statistics)

Goalkeeper Bran (Image: Claudio Thoma/IFF)

Previously, FloorballToday provided you a top 10 goalkeepers based on saving rate. Here’s the list where we focus on the amount of saves only.

Goalkeeper Bran from Germany saved no more than a hundred shots. Her team qualified for the A division two years ago and had got some tough losses this year: 29-0 against Sweden, 8-2 against Czech Republic and 5-0 against Norway. It gave Bran the opportunity to save all these shots, although it also gave her 17 goals against, a higher number than Finland’s Moilanen (1 goal against), Switzerland’s Werz (2), Sweden’s Palmer (6) and Czech Republic’s Kleckova (4)- all together!

We don’t see world champions Sweden in this list. How come? Well, it turned out Sweden only had 32 shots against – in total! In comparison: after the 29-0 loss, Germany already had 42 saves (and 71 shots against). The two Swedish goalkeepers got six (Palmer) and two (Rosen) goals against during the tournament.

Top 10 goalkeepers (based on amount of saves)
1. Julia Bran (Germany) – 100 saves (85,47%)
2. Elsi Kangasharju (Finland) – 82 saves (87,23%)
3. Patrycja Bernacka (Poland) – 62 saves (78,48%)
4. Ladina Tondury (Switzerland) – 60 saves (82,19%)
5. Christine Mejbo (Norway) – 48 saves (75,00%)
6. Pavla Liskova (Czech Republic) – 46 saves (74,19%)
7.  Charlotte Reenskaug Johnsrud (Norway) – 42 saves (73,68%)
8. Emely-Alice Leu (Germany) – 42 saves (59,15%)
9. Magdalena Michaliszyn (Poland) – 35 saves (79,54%)
10. Kristina Hlavata (Slovakia) – 35 saves (76,08%)

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