Germany to semifinals after beating Hungary

Image: Adam Troy

In the battle for second place in Group D Germany did a great job today beating Hungary 7-2. The team will face Norway tomorrow in the hunt for a spot in the final of the B-division. Hungary will battle Canada for 13th place.

So far both teams had won once and lost another. Two remaining points had to be won today and it was Germany that started off fiercely. Eleven times goalkeeper Szuri could keep the Germans from scoring in p1, but three times he couldn’t. First it was Hofferbert who scored, shortly after followed by Kuhl. A 2-min penalty for Weisskirchen gave Hungary the chance to get back into the game – and 2-1 it became as Bondor scored in powerplay. The last goal of the period was scored by Germany’s Braune.

At 24:33 it was again Braune that scored: 4-1. Hungary wasn’t able to close the gap (scoring once more would already be a huge task during this phase of the game). A 2-min penalty for Germany could’ve helped the Hungarians, but no more goals were scored. At the end of the period Hungary itself got a 2-min penalty, but now Germany couldn’t profit from it. The score after 40 minutes was 4-1.

Hungary started p3 with a powerplay as at 39:44 Germany’s Hoppe has gotten a 2-min penalty, but still the team couldn’t find the net for a second time. In the 44th minute Germany scored twice. Hoppe and Trutzschler put the score at 6-1 and Hungary took a time-out directly afterwards. In the remainder of the game both teams scored once more. First it was Toth in powerplay, followed by the second Hungarian goal from Bondor: 7-2.

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