Germany takes sweet revenge on Australia in battle for 11th place

In the battle for 11th place Germany and Australia met each other today, playing their last game of the tournament. The group phase game between them ended in a 3-1 Australian victory, but today Germany was too strong 9-3.

Germany’s player Hofferbert was going to be the hero of the first period as he scored both goals. First a free hit was taken from the left side. Schroder slightly touched it after which Hofferbert took the shot and scored. At the end of the period he doubled the lead by shooting from around the middle of the field. A nice shot, although goalkeeper Yeoh should have perhaps saved it.

Australia showed three impressive victories earlier in the tournament, but now they had to fear losing the last two (most important) games. However, the team got itself together during the break and after only 28 seconds in the second period Perry scored 2-1 in a counter attack. The game opened up, but slowly Germany started taking over again. They received many, many good opportunities, hit the post and were unlucky in finishing. Halfway however the pieces fell together and Germany quickly increased the lead. First Langenstrass scored his first goal of the tournament after a cross pass was been given by Lange, then Wipfler Colonia gave Yeoh no chance as he scored 4-1. When minutes later Weisskirchen scored 5-1 the winner of this game seemed clear, but Perry his second and gave the Aussies new hopes. Two German goals seemed to make an end to these illusions: first Einecke scored a volley rebound in powerplay, then Kuhl made a simple goal after the pre assist was been given by goalkeeper Lemke.

What a difference this game was compared to the first time the teams met. Germany controlled the game and Australia was powerless to do anything about it. Although the Gartners (goal Daniel Gartner, assist Tomas Gartner) scored another Australian goal, Germany was never in threat of losing the game. At 46:08 Bonifacio scored his first goal of the tournament (8-3), but it were the German who scored the last goal, as Beil put the final score at 9-3. Germany ends up at 11th place, while Australia finishes at 12th. Daniel Gartner (Australia) and Svenson Hoppe (Germany) became MVP’s.

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