WFC 2018

Germany grab final quarterfinal spot after defeating Canada

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The 8th and final team to reach the WFC 2018 quarterfinals is Germany, who defeated Canada 7-2.

The Canadians got a perfect start to the game when their Finnish-based star Valtteri Viitakoski cut through the German defense and found the net already after 39 seconds.


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Valtteri Viitakoski puts Canada up 1-0 after 39 seconds! ⚡#WFCPrague #floorball #innebandy #salibandy #unihockey #florbal

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However, 6 minutes later Germany was back on even ground as Max Blanke scored their 1st goal of the game. They then went on to completely take over the game with another 4 goals to put themselves up in a comfortable 5-1 lead before Brandon Barber in powerplay found Canada’s 2nd goal.

Germany are now through to the quarterfinals where they’ll face no one else than reigning champions Finland. They’ll play the game on Friday at 18:00 CET.

0 – 100.3991. Valtteri Viitakoski87. Jonathan KuystenCAN
1 – 107.0124. Max Blanke20. Svenson HoppeGER
2 – 116.4197. Erik Schuschwary10. Janos BrokerGER
3 – 129.5265. Philipp Weigelt97. Erik SchuschwaryGER
4 – 130.4524. Max Blanke77. Julian RugerGER
5 – 136.4732. Tino von Pritzbuer71. Julian NihlenGER
5 – 2 pp.37.4088. Brandon Barber91. Valtteri ViitakoskiCAN
6 – 248.1532. Tino von Pritzbuer44. Matthias SiedeGER
7 – 2 pp.58.5644. Matthias Siede97. Erik SchuschwaryGER

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