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Germany confidently beats USA in the third period

A great first period by Germany but the USA was never far away. The pattern continued in the second period but Germany could finally get rid of the USA in the final period. The game ended 7-10 for Germany.

The Germans, having had difficulties to produce goals in previous WFC matches, dominated the match in the first period. They played fast and attractive floorball with nice combinations and produced goal after goal. Two goals from Vanessa Weikum, and one each from Randi Kleerbaum and Lisa Merle Entelmann gave 4 points for Germany. The USA scored twice when two top scorers Marie Haggstrom (assist) and Michelle Linhart (goal) combined beautifully while their second goal came by the stick of Christine Lindberg who scored the 2-4 just 7 seconds after the America’s 1-4

In the second period, USA kept trailing Germany. Where Germany was clearly stronger in the first period, things were evenly matched in the second. The period’s first goal fell already in favor of USA when Marie Haggstrom scored the 3-4 in the early stages. Germany didn’t take long to respond and the 3-5 was a fact just one minute later with a goal from Franziska Kuhlmann. In the final stages, USA closed the gap to just 1 gap with 2 goals by Tiffany Gerber and Michelle Linhart with 1 German goal in return. The score at the end of the period: 5-6.

Could Germany keep their heads calm in the final period? It would appear so as the team quickly climbed to a 5-8 score with two very fast goals by Pauline Baumgarten and Anna-Lena Best. Clearly not happy with this start, USA opted for a time-out to at least stabilize the game before the gap would prove too big. This worked for only two minutes which was the time it took Anna-Lena Best to score her second goal of the match. Germany’s tenth goal hung in the air when the USA received a 2-minute penalty but it was instead Michelle Linhart who scored the 6-9 instead. Marie Haggstrom was next to put it in for team USA during a powerplay but with only two minutes on the clock, the team was short on time. The USA goalkeeper was pulled next to play 6 vs 5 but it was instead team Germany to score the 7-10.

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