21 September 2019
WFCQ 2017

Germany announced WFCQ selection – Can they beat Switzerland?

The Germans have announced their full selection for the WFCQ tournament, in which they will play in group EUR3. Opponents will be Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and the Netherlands. Last year Germany played a couple of practice games, which were all won. The hardest fight during this WFCQ will be versus Switzerland, and these twenty women will battle them:

Indra Reck
Christa Brunn

Katja Timmel
Lisa Merle Entelmann
Johanne Busse
Alena Holst
Eva Brunn
Jessica Schulz
Theresa Beppler-Alt

Judith Burmester
Pauline Baumgarten
Franziska Kuhlmann
Laura Neumann
Ina Jensen
Karen Grunewald
Anna-Lena Best
Vanessa Weikum
Randi Kleerbaum
Andrea Gerdes
Anne-Marie Mietz

(Source: IFF)

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