WFC 2018

Galante Carlström: “We have to go 110%!”

Image: IFF

The final between Sweden and Finland is about to start! Yesterday, a day prior to the final, we spoke with Alexander Galante Carlström

Tomorrow is the big game, are you ready?
Yes, we will have to give it our all and go 110%. If we get an opportunity to score against the Finns, we will have to take it. Finland is way to good, if you miss, you will almost certainly lose the match. It will be a very physical match and we are ready for it!

Your teammate Kim Nilsson told me earlier that you’re not happy with the performance overall, the ball movement is too slow. Your thoughts on that?
Yes, definitely. We will have to play quicker and more deadly to score against Finland. It is all about the dangerous area in front of the net. Against Switzerland, it was too slow and predictable at times.

At IBF Falun, you’re really used to play around the borders and in the corners in the enemy half a lot together with Emil Johansson and Rasmus Enström. Against Switzerland it didn’t work out too well, they were prepared for it. What are the plans for tomorrow?
The international matches are a lot different to those at Falun, so you can’t compare them that much. We will for sure have to be more inside and create space in front of the net. All it needs is one good shot at a time. In these WFC games, you don’t get much time before the defender will close up to you, so you have to be fast.

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