Expert Panel on Semi Finals: “The key to Storvreta’s win will be eliminating Alexander Galante Carlström”

One of the most exciting play off series is about to continue! FloorballToday’s expert panelists and regular SSL writers Anne-Jan Hempenius & Hugo Falk look forward to the semifinals and predict the outcome.


Falun – Storvreta

Hugo – A semifinal a thousand times closer than the quarterfinals between Mullsjö and Linköping, which was a bit of nail biter to say the least. A rerun of last seasons semifinal which reigning Swedish and European champions Storvreta won in the seventh game. They’ve impressed majorly against Falun throughout the season by winning two out of three games and their hunger for beating them is evidently limitless. Falun on the other hand have consistently played in a slightly higher gear despite their losses against Storvreta and will start fresh with revenge and pride to play for after a brisk walk in the park through the quarterfinals. They’ve both got the title as the best team in the world to defend and they will both shed tears, blood and sweat until the very last second; it’s simply impossible to say which team wants it more. This is therefore based on diversity of world class players and Falun have more to put on this smorgasbord of the best floorball on club level this year will see. It would be a cliché to say that Galante will score the deciding game in the seventh game, which is why I’m putting all of my eggs in on basket; Alexander Hallén, obviously assisted by Johannes Larsson.

Anne-Jan – Although Pixbo was embarrassingly 0-4’d by Växjö in the quarter finals its ghost still managed to sneak through the semifinals. It was in the last match of the competition that the Gothenborg team won 3 points against Storvreta which caused them to move down to the 4th place. That means that the floorball world will see two giants meet in the semifinals – just as last year. One thing is sure: this series has the potential to become the most intense battle in the world. And above all, these teams are incredibly equal. Storvreta has played excellently against Falun in the competition – winning 2 out of 3 matches but Falun has the home advantage as the series starts in their arena. Falun has a higher average level, I would say, but Storvreta is overall a tad steadier and focused. Storvreta won last year’s semifinals series while Falun won the super finals the year before. It’s a long list with pros and cons either way. The key to Storvreta’s win in the series will be eliminating Alexander Galante Carlström – SSL’s most feared sniper – and his partner in crime Rasmus Enström. Falun has many great names on their list who can definitely make the difference if needed but let’s not forget the impact these two players have on their team’s performance. It’s the burden of having these two giants in your team. The question is: will they succeed? I think they will but it will take the full 7 games.

Prediction Hugo: 4-3
Prediction Anne-Jan: 3-4

Växjö – Mullsjö

Hugo – Mullsjö turned around and won the seventh quarterfinal against previous finalists after losing the last three games, proving how resolute and effective their troop is when it really matters. It’s a team packed with experience and willpower, by far their main characteristics as a team which have brought them this far. They did lose all three games against Växjö during the season where the last two were odd goals but we all know that that can go either way in floorball and the last time it went their way. So what does Växjö bring to the table that Mullsjö can’t provide? Their play is essentially more welded and vigorous and they’re not the underdogs anymore, their results throughout the season have been consecutively impressive. They have a psychological advantage after winning three games against Mullsjö during the season as well as a physical advantage seeing as they’ve been resting and getting mentally prepared for the semifinals for a while whereas Mullsjö weren’t actually qualified until two days ago. Mullsjö comes with an enormous amount of confidence and experience into this round of semifinals and will bring home two games but as previously stated, Växjö’s not the underdogs anymore, they’re the playmakers. Manuel Engel secures the sixth game with a goal into an empty net giving Växjö the win with two goals more.

Anne-Jan – Two unexpected semifinalists (heck, I didn’t even think Mullsjö would reach the play offs at the start of the season!) battle to make history in the finals. It will be the first time for either team if they reach the finals. Växjö enjoyed a nice week of rest while Mullsjö barely had time to wash Linköping blood of their legs. The games will be dirty, physical and easy for neither team. Mullsjö has the league’s most dedicated fans at its disposal who would sacrifice their life for their team. Expect them to be present at all matches as the distance is only 2 hours by car. Although Växjö (who beat Pixbo with 3 full lines) has a slightly better team composition than Mullsjö I expect the games to be quite tight. I don’t think Mullsjö’s killer instincts will bring them the seat in the finals but who knows? Everything can happen in floorball.

Prediction Hugo: 4-2
Prediction Anne-Jan: 4-2


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