Four Superfinals in ONE weekend – All live streams

Image: Mikko Hyvärinen

Only two days remaining until the Superfinals weekend kicks off! Below, you’ll find all live streams. Some links might change, so keep an eye on our site!

15.15: Storvreta – Falun (Sweden)
15.30: Classic – Happee (Finland)
17.00: Mlada Boleslav – Vítkovice / Stream 2 (Czech Republic)

15.30: Wiler-Ersigen – Floorball Köniz SRF2 (part 1) / SRF Info (part 2) (Switzerland)

Women’s finals
Find the links to the live streams of all women’s finals here

How to watch the streams
Nearly all streams will be free to watch, although you might need a VPN (which tricks the browser to think you are from one specific country)! We recommend PureVPN, which starts at $2.87 per month. With this, you should be able to watch the Finnish, Czech and Swiss finals. Sweden’s final can be seen by signing up at Cmore (with a free 2-week trial), more info can be found in another article.

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