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Florbal Chodov team introduction Champions Cup – All you need to know!

Photo: IFF

The 2017 Champions Cup is starting tomorrow. FloorballToday gives you a brief introduction of every team, in this article Czech champions Florbal Chodov:

Information about the team
Just like Finland’s SC Classic, Florbal Chodov goes into this prestigious tournament for the 2nd year in a row. In the 2016 edition which was held in Borås, Sweden, Chodov made it to the semifinal’s after defeating Norwegian Greåker. However when they faced giants Storvreta it became too tough of a game, and they saw themselves defeated 7-2. This year they’ll play UHC Sparkasse in the quarters, and if they make it through Classic will be waiting for them in the semi’s.

3 players to watch

  • Tom Ondrusek – scoring machine with experience from the SSL
  • Ondrej Mikes – smart player with offensive qualities, also SSL-experienced
  • Michal Podhrasky – tough and heavy defender, a key player in the defense

Jan Barak
Karel Santora

Martin Prazzan
Dan Kasovsky
Jan Fiala
Tomas Sykora
Tadeas Danek
Michal Kotlas
Michal Podhrasky
Michal Strnad

Daniel Maxa
Ondrej Mikes
Marek Vavra
Tom Ondrusek
Martin Rezac
Martin Koutny
Jan Vacenovsky
Marek Matejcik
Michal Strachota
Ondrej Plihal

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Chodov – Tatran Stresovice 17-5

Chodov – Greåker 7-4

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