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Why did we start FloorballToday and why do we exist? | FT Blog

In our company blogs, we (AJ & Daniël) give you a look behind the scenes. Today, we want to tell you about the start of FloorballToday and about why we think it’s important that FloorballToday exists.

When we started playing floorball about eight years ago, we immediately became addicted to it – something you will probably recognize yourself too! We trained at least twice a week and watched many online floorball videos at home so we could get better quickly and learn from the pros. However, getting up-to-date with news items (such as league standings) was hard, as there wasn’t much news online.

During his studies, AJ spent 2 years in Sweden. He landed in Uppsala, a small university city next to Stockholm. He became more and more enthusiastic about floorball and even bought a season ticket at one of the biggest clubs (can you guess which one?). When he was back in the Netherlands, however, it was the same as before: it was difficult to find news about the Swedish league. The problem wasn’t only the SSL, it turned out there was also little information to be found about the Finnish Salibandyliiga, as well as about the Swiss NLA the Czech Superliga. The smaller countries? It seemed nearly impossible to stay up-to-date.

Let’s do it ourselves!
We decided to launch a news platform ourselves, with the goal of giving the entire world access to news about the largest floorball leagues. Do you want information about SSL? We have it. Do you want to know something about the Swiss NLA? We have it. Like this, we want to be able to gradually bring more and more floorball news, preferably also from the smaller leagues.

Our goal is to give floorball the platform it deserves. Professional news coverage can help in getting our sport to grow to the level we want, it can help in reaching the Olympics and it can help building a bigger and stronger competition in every country. That is how FloorballToday wants to contribute to the growth of our sport, and we do so based on our love for the sport.

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to start up the new website and work on premium content, as discussed in our previous blog. If you have any questions or feedback, send us a message on Instagram, Facebook or through mail – we always respond!

AJ & Daniël

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