20 November 2019
WFC 2017

First day of the playoffs is over – Check out all results

The first day of the playoffs is over. Check out all results of Day 5 of the WFC!

Poland easily won the game against Estonia, which puts them in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic. Japan and Australia put on a fight which got really close in the end, with Japan as the winner. They’ll move on to the battle for 13th place, against Thailand who surprisingly beat Singapore 5-6 with a last-minute goal. Singapore and Australia will play for 15th place. Latvia beat Denmark 4-1 and has an extremely tough task upcoming: beating Sweden in the quarterfinals.

Germany scared Slovakia for more than a period, but in the end, they lost the game and will continue the tournament in the hunt for the 9th place. Slovakia faces Finland in the quarterfinals. In the last game of the day, favorites Norway had a very tough time against the USA, especially when a 5-2 lead got decreased to 5-4, but the Norwegians won anyway.

All games
Poland – Estonia 6-1 [report / highlights]
Japan – Australia 5-4 [report / highlights]
Latvia – Denmark 4-1 [report / highlights]
Singapore – Thailand 5-6 [report / highlights]
Germany – Slovakia 3-7 [report / highlights]
Norway – USA 5-4 [report / highlights]

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